Cool Stuff to Check Out at Marlins Park

Posted on Blog May 18, 2016

This month’s prize for our Cool Cash Rewards Club members is two tickets to Marlins Park to see the Fish battle the Colorado Rockies. Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, Marlins Park is a seriously cool place to spend a Sunday. The atmosphere is great, it’s air conditioned, and some really unique food choices. Here’s our run-down of the coolest stuff at Marlins Park:

  1. Retractable roof

Outdoor sporting events in the South Florida summer can be hard to manage. The retractable roof on Marlins park makes the heat, humidity, and sudden downpours a non-issue for fans. You can kick back and enjoy the game in comfort without worry of getting rained out or sweating through your Stanton jersey.


  1. Huge variety of food

Marlins park is a foodie’s dream with tons of choices. Craving ceviche? Are you a grilled cheese lover? Maybe you’re a traditionalist- looking for popcorn and ballpark franks? You’re covered! As an added bonus, certain games have all you can eat packages available. You can even pre-order food (with the official MLB Ballpark app) at participating concession stands. How’s that for date night?


  1. Home run Marlin sculpture

One of the coolest things about Marlin Park is the way art was incorporated into the design. As you walk throughout the stadium you’ll find pieces everywhere; the stadium itself is even a work of art with its modern design. The most interactive piece for fans has to be the Home Run sculpture complete with a jumping marlin, flapping flamingos, and water features that come alive when the Fish hit a home run.


  1. Ode to the Orange Bowl

Many of South Florida’s sports fans were dismayed when the Orange Bowl was demolished in 2008. The stadium was a well-known landmark and home to the Miami Hurricanes and even the Miami Dolphins prior to the opening of Joe Robbie stadium. As a nod to the 71-year history of the stadium, the original “Miami Orange Bowl” sign was repurposed as an art installation that can be found in the east plaza of Marlins Park.


  1. The Great Sea Race

Another fan-favorite, the Great Sea Race is an intense competition between Bob the shark, Spike the sea dragon, Julio the octopus, and Angel the stone crab as they race to the finish line while the crowd roars its support. The colorful costumes were designed by artist Kenny Scharf- who also created the piece “Play Ball” that is displayed on the Promenade Level between sections 11 and 12 in the stadium.


  1. Green features

The commitment to environmental consciousness and responsibility is evident through the park. As the most sustainable stadium in Major League Baseball, everything from the roof to down to the site selection helped earn Marlins Park the LEED Gold Certification. You can read more about their commitment to sustainability here.

Marlins Park worth checking out, even if you aren’t a fan of America’s favorite pastime. What’s even cooler is you can win a pair of tickets to the upcoming Rockies game just by registering for our Cool Cash Rewards Club. So, what are you waiting for? Register here!:



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