Can you beat the Escape Room?

Posted on Blog, Prizes August 26, 2016

This month’s All Year Cool Cash Rewards Club winner will be receiving 2 tickets to an Escape Room right here in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Escape Rooms are a new concept that is just now breaking out in South Florida. These rooms were established in Asia and this is where Flummox’D’s owners, Kaycie Davis and Andrew King visited their first Escape Room. There are many types of Escape Rooms; some have a scary element while others focus on the mystery and clue-finding aspects. For Flummox’D, there are two themes, a cabin where you try to find your family’s secret moonshine recipe that was stolen by a rival squad before the cops arrive or take a shot at finding Aunt Esther’s prize possession before the movers pull in.

You can play in groups of 2-6. Some think the more the merrier, but remember, considering everyone’s opinion could lead you astray. Escape Rooms are a great way to use critical thinking and test your group’s teamwork. Didn’t make it out of the Escape Room in the 60-minute time limit? Davis and King are always there to let the players know what they missed and how they would have escaped.

Escape Rooms are a puzzle that puts your mind to the test. The goal is to find your way out of the room before time runs out. Escape Rooms are a great team building exercise because you must work together to find the proper clues to escape. As King puts it, “This is just a living video game but you have to play with your own hands and your own mind and collaborate and work together.”

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