January Prize Announcement: Las Olas Food Tour

Posted on Blog, Prizes January 9, 2017

jan-lasolasfoodtourThe Las Olas Food Tour is a concoction of adventure, foods, history and culture all packaged to make you feel relaxed, loved and to enjoy life. The food is only a central theme of the tour; and it does not mean to replace your scheduled meals like breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But, it’s a package to give you the satisfaction of taking a tour in the company of like minds, make friends and have fun.


Innovation rules the Tours and travel industry and the boldness to be different makes Las Olas Food Tour unique. The tour brings together people from all walks of life who want to spice up their world with fun in places outside their everyday living. Although the trip holds for a few hours, the memory can linger for a lifetime.


How is the tour organized?

The food tour takes into cognizance the fun, information, and knowledge to learn for the tour. According to the theme, some companies and organizations will be pre-arranged to accommodate the entire tour participants to have a feel of the hospitality of the places visited.


The three-hour tour is expected to make the participants satisfied with a sense of joy in participating in the event. It is the satisfactions shown by people who have attended the program that continue to sell the tour event to new individuals who rush to buy the ticket to take part in the next ones.


What meals are provided?

The tour is arranged to visit preselected food places such as restaurants, bakery, as well as visit historical places where you share stories and learn about different locations on your tour.


If you have food restriction, you will need to inform the organizers to make a personalized arrangement. It does not matter your food restriction the organizers promise to make it up to you by making ad hoc arrangement to cover your interest on the tour. Children too can go on the tour, and their interests will be factored into the program.


What kind of environment does the tour takes you

The places programmed for visiting on Las Olas Food tour is not limited to one type of place. It may sometimes involve going on a boat, or to exotic getaway places you will enjoy visiting. It may also comprise a combination of areas to avoid monotony or boredom. Therefore it could be a river tour, historical places tours, tourism sites, and exotic destinations tour. Innovation rules and a participant can choose according to the destination they prefer.


Hurry before ticket is sold out

Interestingly, Las Olas Food tour program may not even always have tickets available for everyone as it may be sold out and knock off preventing people from joining. Announcement for a planned program is made in advance to allow interested persons bought their tickets to participate. But there may be an occasion when the ticket is sold out earlier than expected because of the popularity of the tour.

All Year Cooling is excited to announce that January’s Cool Cash Rewards Club prize will be 2 tickets to the Las Olas Food Tour on February 24th!



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